Talleres Arania

Taller de Mecanizado Especializado


Talleres Arania

Mecanizados de todo tipo de materiales y medidas



Fundada en 1998, los casi 20 anos de experiencia avalan nuestros servicios.


Specialized installations

We have 3500 m2 of facilities with a wide range of high precision machinery and qualified personnel.

Manufacturing Speed

Work at 3 shifts gives us competitiveness, flexibility and ability to react to demanding situations and production schedules.

ISO 9001 Certified

Arania Workshop S.L. It is certified according to ISO 9001, ensuring our customers a perfect traceability of parts and supplies.

Quality Crontrol

Thanks to our new metrology center, our parts are manufactured with a thorough quality control reflected in each piece.

Arania Workshops S.L. is a machining company stablished in 1998. In adition to conventional machining, we are spesialized in machining complex and medium parts, foundry, steel and stainless steel parts.

Another of our specialties is the machining of series, due to our horizontal palletized machining center.

In Arania Workshops we are involved with the quality

Look how we exert to offer you the best quality and control in all our products.

We have recently incorporate to our workshop a Fermat milling machine with 5000x5000x3000 measures.

Learn how we work

Arania Workshops has the best facilities and equipment for your project