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Who We Are

Talleres Arania S.L is a machining company founded in 1998. The more than 20 years of experience that guarantee our services, makes us completely sure to meet the expectations and requirements of all our customers.

Thanks to the continuous investment effort we have equipment and facilities of the highest precision and technology which, together with our desire for collaboration, makes our customers trust us for their high quality work.

What do we do

Another of our specialties is Series Machining as we have a horizontal palletized machining center.

In addition to conventional machining we are specialized in machining medium and complex parts, casting, steel, stainless steel, etc.

How we do it

Our precision machining process comprises a set of part shaping operations according to specific plane and according to our production means by chip removal. We produce metal and non-metallic parts in lightweight alloys with great precision such as: high strength aluminum, brass, nylon, stainless steels, titanium and alloys, nickel and alloys, Invar or Nivarox, etc..

Approved in ISO 9001
and ISO 9100

Our quality department guarantees the control of the various production processes, ensuring our customers a perfect traceability of parts and tools.

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We manage from the purchase of the raw material to the delivery to the final customer

Raw Material

Laminates, Forging, Casting, etc.

Talleres Arania

Milling, Turning, etc.

Customer delivery

Anywhere in the world