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The Directorate of Arania assumes, leads and promotes the commitment to the integrated system of quality and safety and health at work by providing the necessary resources to achieve the complete satisfaction of our external and internal customers, our stakeholders, as well as our environment, establishing the appropriate measures to ensure that this Policy is understood and practiced by all our staff.

In this way, we are committed to meet the needs of customers in the area of machining in the best terms of quality, innovation, price and deadline, and to enhance with our customers a commercial relationship based on professionalism, respect and good practices.

The basis of our action will be that of the analysis of the risks inherent in our activity and its impact on our environment, establishing objectives according to the effect of them, guaranteeing their control in an adequate and sufficient way.

Within our commitment to the integrated management system we also take responsibility for fighting for a safe working environment through the provision with means and resources to the actions that are defined in our integrated Management System, and the strict compliance of all the members of the established there.

The Management of the organization, within the natural concern for the safety and health of its workers, not only aims to comply with the requirements established by the legislation on the prevention of occupational risks, but also aims, taking advantage of this compliance, to improve as much as possible the working conditions of our workers.

In order to achieve these objectives, the management of the organization undertakes to:

  • Comply with each and every provision set out in the laws and regulations of application on prevention.
  • Commit the organization to compliance with all preventive and legal requirements, through the information, training, consultation and participation of workers.
  • Analyze the processes, techniques and raw materials used, choosing those that generate less risk to workers.
  • Allocate sufficient resources for the development of preventive activities.
  • Create a positive culture in occupational safety and health.
  • Seek continuous improvement of the quality management system


We will be able to achieve our objectives thanks to the study, monitoring and compliance of all applicable requirements that affect the product / service that we offer our client.

And so that, I draw on the present policy of our integrated management system so that all stakeholders, including the workers of my organization, are aware of our commitment to our customers, to the prevention of pollution and the safeguarding of the health of those of us who make up Arania.